AO39 - tire pressure for the cold.

Hi everybody, I am posting from Australia. There are not alot of resources for the lotus down here so just want to thank you for all the very helpful hints and tips from UK.

Was wondering what would be a suggested tire pressure for the cold, dry condition over here at the moment for the AO39


Lotus recommends for the A039 23psi front, 26psi rear.
That is cold temps.
But if you use them on the track, you’d have to lower that and look for 26-28psi hot.

Sorry, can’t be more precise than that since I’m on o48’s now (whic are very different).



Uldis has donea lot more experimenting with this than me… but I have thus far found that adjusting them while hot to try and keep f=23psi and r=26psi works pretty well but it probably depends on the track, your driving style and how you have your car set-up. Mines is bog standard and runs mostly at Knockhill in Scotland - which will be much cooler… ALWAYS…

Thanks for your advice. I attended my first open track day yesterday. The car ran wonderful, really living up to its reputation in handling. Because it was my first track day, I was very cautious and careful. But the car really gave me confidence in attacking the corners. Thanks again for your recommendations.


Thanks Uldis,

I used your recommendations yesterday on my first track session and it was working very well.

The AO48 is very expensive here in Australia and not readily avalibale. I was wondering if you have had any experience with full slicks on the exige.


Nope, but some guys do, Mike Niven, Steve Edwards, etc.
I’m sure they’ll reply.


I’ve been running mine on Dunlop Formula R’s soft compound, and have found them to be much better than the A039’s. Sorry, have noe experience with AO48’s. I’m sure they’re readily available here in Australia and not ridiculously expensive. From memory, about $1500 for a set.

Hi there Angelo,

I have been sourcing some slicks for the track in the past weeks. I went to a few Yoko’s tyre guys and they have no idea that they even made AO48’s … after some flicking through their handbooks, I was quoted about $600 for each tyre … that is not very feasible for me because I was going to use them for track which would not last long anyways. How are you finding the Dunlops? And how much do they cost? Are they all weather road tyres?


the dunlops are a road-legal all weather tyre, and I along with Matt M (yellow exige) used them when we ran our cars at Targa Tasmania this year. I’ve got to say I found them much better in the dry AND wet than the A039’s and only about $1500 a set.