Anything special to look out for - first track day

Taking my S1 for its first track day in a couple of weeks - anything that the S1 needs to be particularly checked out for? Can’t find anything on a Search of past threads.

Got a horrible feeling the wheel bearings are on the way out - so that’s one to check out.



Maybe be you should of put this one in the S1 section!

Where you booked Mark?

I’d take some spare oil with you and check it after every session you do, until you get a feel for how much it is using You may be surprised how much it does use, but if you are using all the available revs then “high” consumption can be normal.

Also, check the pads before you go to ensure that they have enough material left on them to last a full day. Stating the obvios, but you will be using them alot!

Off to Donnie - was there yesterday for the Moto GP qualifying - pouring down all morning!

I reckon I will need some more oil, cheers!

Brakes seem OK & tyres are 800 miles old, so should be OK. Just put the cat back on - what a difference the CRP makes!