Anyone run 205's on the front

Does anyone run 205/50/16’s on the front of their exige? This does open a whole new world of tyre options but will obviously affect the handling a little, more oversteer I guess… But then I also guess this could be dialed out in the geo but…

Has anyone done this?

Also anyone got any experience of kumho tyres?


I have!

I am running Colway Traxstars 205-45-16 in the front, standard size at rear.
Only did one (very wet) trackday with them and they felt very good, very balanced, and not more oversteery.
The only thing is that they feel a bit more nervous in the road, maybe because of the slightly modified caster or because of the extra width, but I felt it wanted to tramline a little bit more.
Fair trade I suppose. Besides, the whole set was about �200 delivered to my home. Not bad. And they felt as good as the best out at a very wet Oulton.

I have also a bought a set of Kumho’s (because I really needed tyres for that Oulton trackday and wasn’t sure if the Colways would arrive on time), also 205’s for the front.
But haven’t installed them (I really need that extra set of wheels Ian!), and the way it’s going, I don’t think I would know how the Kumhos feel until later in the year.

Cool, cheers for that, I’d expect it to tramline a little more but really they tramline like a [email protected] anyway main due to the rears (IMHO)… So not bothered by that.

I guess you could try and keep the balance by running 235’s on the rear but doubt it would make much difference

Well I’ve decided I’m gonna trash the [email protected] out of my tyres at Bedford on Saturday (Yoko A539’s - 45 profile on the front) and then look at some of the other options with out the same urgency…

I use Yoko “A032R S” (Front 205/45-16, Rear 235/50-17). Was able to win the Swiss Trophy that way � but there was not one race in the wet in 2003 �


I really need that extra set of wheels Ian!

I’ve chased him again.


thomas i think u mean 235/40 17 for the rears!

Sorry, checked it - the dimensions I use is 205/50-16 and 235/40-17.