Anyone recognise this turbo conversion ??

I bought this off an internet auction unseen, anyone know who’s conversion it is ?? is it a turbo technics, there are no plaques or anything. Its a garrett turbo.




If it’s not a Turbo Technics (I think they stopped doing turbo conversions around 1998/99), it could be one of Brodie Racing’s Clicky

where do you find these cars Chris?

although probably best I don’t know

/but tell me anyway

Its got a pace charge cooler on it…

Could indeed be BBR or or Turbo Technics …I remember getting involved with both when I was at Pace…

Doesn’t look like any TT conversion I’ve seen.

Is it the standard Rover-K turbo motor with a pace chargecooler and shiney bits?

What car is it in Exige/Elise?

I am fairly sure that I saw a very brief article on this car in PPC a few months ago - it was in Dave Walkers column as the car had been to Emerald for a mapping session - he may be able to shed some more light ?

What car is it in Exige/Elise?

S1 Elise, with no rear wheel arch liner for some reason.

Its in an elise s1 reg number is R11MLD if this helps

Its in an elise s1 reg number is R11MLD if this helps

Sorry no. Someone with a S1 Exige had mentioned that they were considering doing it so I thought that this might be the one.

Just off topic a bit, how does this drive? I was considering going this route with my S2 Elise (Honda’s are working out a bit too expensive) so any details you find out would be greatly appreciated.

Ah just realise it’s a breaker. Could well have been an Emerald if it’s missing.