Anyone ordered an S2 Exige

Just wondered if anyones stumped up their money yet? And what sort of waiting list is already in place…

They may tell you there’s a waiting list but…


I suspect that many S1 owners are waiting until they can have a test drive before even considering a purchase.

Most posts I have read are somewhat indifferent to the charms of the S2 - based on the images released thus far.

My personal reaction has been rather negative, based on the somewhat contrived design of the car - the S1 was designed to be a racer, whereas the S2 appears to be trying to look like a racer.

The Toyota engine is a step in the right direction in terms of reliability, but those who have heard it report an underwhelming soundtrack.

And as a former Celica 190 owner, the peaky nature of that engine will have to be well and truly ironed out before I even consider divorcing the S1

we’ll wait an d see what the S2 coupe is like but i drove a 111R yesterday and could probably confirm 2 things…

    • its quiet
    • the huge stepped nature of the 2nd cam ain’t really there - you can defo feel a bit of a power surge at 6000rpm or thereabouts but it ain’t like forced induction and seemed fairly smooth in its delivery.

Asfar as S2 coupe goes i want to know what the difference is betwixt 111R and it… apart from the slight cosmetix and fixed head.

What was your general impression though? If you were shopping now would you buy a 2nd hand S1 Exige or 111R?


Accept no substitute !!

like i said… it’s quiet