Anyone know this Exige?

Apparently an enthusiast owner, lived near Anglesey and a regular track-dayer. Need to make a decision on it ASAP so would appriciate any info, thanks!


Apparently an enthusiast owner, lived near Anglesey and a regular track-dayer. Need to make a decision on it ASAP so would appriciate any info, thanks! [/quote]

AFAIK, Paul Matty sold it to the owner about 2 years ago with about 21K on the clock. Gather it has spent many a happy day at Anglesey!

Looks nice… (Wheels NEED to be black IMHO!) :sunglasses:

Seems reasonably priced, but at that mileage cost in a VHPD refresh… (my one blew up at 28K!) :crazy:

Good luck. :slight_smile:

Seen it at Oulton (race meeting spectator) a few times, & briefly spoke with owner on one occasion (he made me seem like a yoof!). From what I remember, he only did Anglesey trackdays, & it had been resprayed (Quartz not Titanium).

As Pete says, budget for an engine refresh/rebuild, when an Emerald & verniers should be fitted.

[quote=Mr Pesky]

As Pete says, budget for an engine refresh/rebuild, when an Emerald & verniers should be fitted. [/quote]

That’s about 4k ish…

Refresh (with Verniers, ported head and hotter cams). � 2,500+
Emerald with RR Tuning � 1,000

It’s not a question of ‘if’ but when…

BUT peeps are spending that on S’2’s with Gearbox stuff, ECU upgrades etc etc!!!

The S1 is all about the theatre, the noise, the look, the handling, the lightweight, the ‘get the f…k’ out of my way road prescence… AND the uniqueness. :smiley:

The ONLY reason why I bought an Exige S instead of getting back into an S1 is that I had ‘been there, done that’ and TBH I dont really think I would have found one as nice as mine without spending a lot more than I did!

If you like it, BUY IT!!! :slight_smile:

Last owner was in his 70’s - apparently he bought the Exige because he wanted more comfort after this Caterham! (I hope that’s how I’m spending my retirement!)

PM’s do have it listed as Titanium, but when I was there we checked the colour code and it was actually “Quartz” - someone tells me they tested new S2 colours on some later Exiges?

The car does look good - its obvious its primary use has been trackdays (got an extinguisher in, harnesses) and he’s added some extensions to the roof scoop and side intakes (which look pretty badly done IMO, but easily reversable)

Aircon doesn’t work (no suprise there) and he’s also fitted a reversing camera, which is handy. Its currently equipped with leather seats, rather than the motorsport, which is a bit of a let down. Bodywork is very tidy, other than some minor stonechips on the rear arches.

Rebuilds are a bit of a lottery though, are they not? I’m aware of the potential VHPD rebuild requirement, luckily I know a man who can.

Problem is, I feel like I’m being too picky in a market where I can’t afford to be! I’ve been offered two Exiges from members on here, but they’ve no been quite what I was looking for (no, I won’t name drop the deserters!) which is why I was close to giving up the hunt … I almost bought an S2 Exige at one point!

If the shockers are the original Konis, they’ll be somewhat tired now.

Any car probably won’t be entirely perfect in your eyes, as you’ve found. The compromise is I guess is what it might take -cost, time etc to get it where you want it.

Lots of peeps seem to start with a good solid well cared car as a base and work from there. This could be the one.

when I bought mine a few years ago I was concerned about the VHPD, justifying the cost etc. My first drive on buying the car was from Newcastle to Chelmsford in January, any concerns were quickly forgotten and I’ve never regretted buying it.

Just buy one that meets most of your requirements then pimp it to your hearts content! At least you’ll have one and it’ll be another that stays in the UK.

Good luck!

As far as I’m concerned, its about as “low risk” as you can get with a car purchase - zero depriciation (if anything, appriciating) and its certainly not difficult to sell…

If it were my choice, it’d be Black and with Motorsport seats, but I could be waiting a long, long time for that, and it may not necessarily be within my budget…! But that’s nothing a quick seat change won’t fix, and car wraps are reasonably priced these days…

So �22k, and I just need to budget another �10k for new seats, new suspension, an engine rebuild with emerald and a respray. Sorted :wink:

Good luck Matt - hope you secure a deal :slight_smile:

Go for it Matt - hope it works out for you.

Christian has a quartz one and I know he really likes the colour…he found some Jimmy Choo’s slingbacks that match it almost exactly :wink:

Yeah seems like an honest car… VHPDs are a lottery… some get thrashed and go forever, some get babied and are fragile… you’ll never know 'til you take the plunge! :slight_smile:

My S1 was Quartz…great colour :sunglasses:

That Exige is now sold to some handsome individual who bears a striking resemblance to myself…:wink:

Well done that man and may I be the first to congratulate you on a truly inspired choice of automobile and welcome you as a fully paid up member to our merry band.

You won’t regret it and you won’t stop smiling :slight_smile: Looking forward to seeing it out on circuit next year!

Much obliged :slight_smile:

Driver training first, and Matt at Henderson Taylor got me a stonking deal on the insurance which includes 6 track days, so it’d be rude not to make use of them.

I was really impressed with the history on this Exige - proper OCD levels of care and maintenance, previous owner serviced it himself but kept a full breakdown of his personal inspections. Oil was changed every 6months/~800miles, new steering rack recently, air filter cleaned replaced regularly, new components, new steering rack, regularly geo’d, underside was really clean, partial respray, wheels refurbed.

Paul Matty are doing a full C-service inc. belts, replacing a driving light and fixing the aircon before collection, so all in all, I think its a great price.

Nice one, Matt, well done :sunglasses:

Great news! Well done! :slight_smile:

At last! Congrats on a fine purchase!!

Cool man, well done!!

Well done that man !
you will not regret it :slight_smile: