Anyone know this car? (S1 exige on eBay)

Spoke to the chap today, he’s selling for a mate, has been laid up since 2018ish.

The service book going missing is annoying but assuming it was taken to lotus dealerships I assume it’s traceable?

Tempted to part with the s2 and go back a few years….

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Do you know who serviced it previously? Being oop north maybe worth trying Gav at Unit 4 or Ollie @ Phoenix to see if they know the car.

What number is it? Check the owners register on here :+1:

Thanks Rob,

Daft question but how do I obtain the cars number? Last digits on the VIN or something else?

There is another very nice looking S1 on pistonheads - same money

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Number 46 I think, not on the register.