Anyone Know This Car LUN50N - X657 CPW

Anyone know this car or any of its history:-


Its up for sale at the moment, dont know to much about it at the moment but its still in 177bhp trim

Bodywork looks good, you can usually see the white from stone chips on dark cars. The edges of those Yoko 39s (or at least they look like it) also look in good shape.

The pic (admittedly little to go on) would suggest it has been thrashed or even tracked (or it’d probably be on 48s).

How many miles? Cost?


its on 19000 miles up for �17490. Im going to have a look at this car tommorow. The bloke selling says its in good condition with the usual stone chips on the sills and around the bottom of the rear clam etc. He says it looks like the original paint work. Its a 2 owner car etc etc. Sounds like a nice one at a reasonable price but ive got my eye on a couple at the minute so it depends who offers the best deal.

If its not from a known independant/main Lotus dealer or an enthusiast member from here beware!
I went to look at a Motorsport Elise, it looked and sounded perfect, nice guy selling it too…until i got there! 9000 miles but absolutely covered in stone chips, some service history, he didnt know when or if the belts had been done, no record of the last owner, i could go on…and he wouldnt let me have an inspection done on it…so just be careful!
Pictures are always deceiving, check the history and have it inspected and HPI checked…its worth it in the long run!
Good luck!

chris, shhhhh dont tell everyone where it is let me know what you think of it mate when you look at it tommorrow, I would be flying down from scotland to look at, although if you dont take it I guess theres something wrong with it

Check out my reply to your other thread about sill protectors…it might interest you and Chris!

Looks like the picture was taken on the day of delivery?Looks in cracking condition!

Looks like the picture was taken on the day of delivery?Looks in cracking condition!

Looks just like the one i eventually saw that was peppered with stonechips…‘the camera never lies’?