Anyone know anything about this car ?

Hi guys, I am viewing this car -

on Saturday and wondered if anyone knows anything about it or its owner/driver, good or otherwise. Any information is very welcome as its a big spend for me and I want to make sure I am not buying a ‘clanger’. I have had several emails with the owner and he sounds like an honest chap, I just wondered if anyone has been on track with him.


Hi Dave

Paul phoned me yesterday, & asked about you & your car

I think I said the right things…good luck with your negotiations

PS I’ve never seen Paul’s car, but I have heard from others that it is very, very nice. I’m pretty sure that he’s posted vids of himself on track - why not ask him directly for the links?

We seem to know the same people. Richard from Blink is checking both cars over as well. Small world. My exige hasnt got the use it should have done, so there probably wasnt much to say.

I will ask him about the vids. Do you know where they were posted, youtube, pistonheads, etc ?

seems a top spec

the only thing which always put me off spending that sort of cash is the car its self is a 2001 S2 which is worth about 10k these days if your lucky.

so you are giving 27k for a 7 year old 10k car.

Which is ok if thats the spec and sort of thing you want and you are going to keep it.

And of course its a bit cheaper than doing it all yourself.

Better to ask on SELOC every one knows that car and Pley on there.