Anyone know anything about this car on e-bay?

Seems like a good price, any reason to run away screaming?

Owner claims mint condition, never crashed, repainted front clam. Any thoughts?

Hmmm, not too far from me. I wasn’t aware of this one.

If anyone here was REALLY interested I could do an impartial inspection if required/allowed.


I don’t know much about it, other than know it’s been advertised on Ebay for several months now.

Perhaps it’s location is what’s putting people off

How can location be a factor for such a rare car in a limited market? Anyone serious about buying a used Exige will have to be prepared to travel for the right car. Unless planned mods make condition irrelevent


I emailed Barry about this car when I was looking for one. If the guy I bought mine from had not moved on the price I was off up there the same weekend with a big bundle of notes! I have not seen the car and he’s had it for sale for a while. I think the location is probably putting people off - I didn’t put me off as I was off for a ride in the lakes in my Elise - paradise!

Anyway its got a few �K’s more bits on than mine and looks the dogs from the photos - I would go and look at it and use your common if you want to buy it. I thought i knew everything about cars till I bought my old elise and that turned out to be a shed!!! Get someone like F1 in newcastle to check it out. If he’s serious about selling he wont mind an inspection.

Go for it!

I live 10 miles away from Carlisle and have seen the car parked up in the same area a few times where I guess the guy lives or works. From what I can remember there was one of those jap FTO coupe things parked there before it. Would be good if he gets it sold thought as then I will be only one in area again.

So its on again i see…has anyone here actually seen it ???

He is the 6th owner in 4 years hhhmmm