Anyone interested ? Race series

Here’s something that may interest you guys, especially the company owners out there…Lotus are offering you the opportunity to take part in their race series (not Elise Motorsport), where you get to drive in a Lotus prepared 190bhp Elise Mk2 during 6 races throughout the season.From what I gather, Lotus get the car ready for each race.Cost : �27,000 + VATUpside: You get to keep the 190bhp race-spec Elise (ie, Extinguishers + Rollbar + Fancy dash layout) at the end of the series.Given a new 135bhp Elise is around �24K… it doesn’t seem TOO bad value.Thoughts ?

DavidSaw this at the Autosport show, but unfortunately I’ve lost the promotional bumph, so the following is from memory!The cars are not 190bhp, but the standard 118bhp plus you have to maintain the cars yourself! Price does include 2 sessions at the Hethel track for familiarisation & then ARDs test for licence to race. There are 2 sprints, 2 hillclimbs & 2 circuit races. The latter are at Hethel & Donington.I reckon that you would be looking for a budget of around �45K for a season (basic package incl. vat = �31150) - although the cars are road legal, you’d be taking a risk in not trailering to each event. Throw in routine maintenance, insurance, travel & accomadation, it will be easy to eat into a budget of �45K. That’s also assuming that bodywork repairs are not needed!In all fairness, it looks expensive compared to the Caterham Scholarship, but the cars are a damn sight nicer! Horses for courses really. But if you want to sponsor me, I’m available [image][/image]

Bizarre…On one sheet of A4 it lists the 118bhp car, and then on another under “Elise Track Car” it details the 190bhp car… So, not quite sure… although you’re probably right (for the money)The “Elise Track Car” does sound nice, with the uprated AP Racing brake kit, Race “Dog” gearbox etc.You’re right, you get to maintain the vehicle. shame really.[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 14 January 2002).]