Anyone Heard of Scholar (sp?)?

Following an initial check of my engine by Lotus, its being sent to a local company called Scholar for a full strip down. Apparently, they did all the major engine work for the Motorsport series. Has anyone heard of them?Also whilst engine is in bits, I was trying to think of things that would be cost effective to do now,eg motorsport head gasket, port head, motorsport clutch etc…any more ideas?

SteveIf it’s the same company, they prepare lots of engines used by Formula Ford single seaters. They should therefore know what they’re doing [image][/image]Upgrades - RussT is the man to reply on this [image][/image]

Peskyyou dont know the correct spelling do you…Im trying to find a website for them.

SteveSee and scroll down to Scholar [image][/image]

Pesky - you are a gent…undoubtedly the best search engine on the net…seriously thanks

They built the engine in my FFord. They are one of the countries three biggest motorsport engine builders.They should be alright!

owen - thanks for the info…new engine is now back in car and its being run in. So far it sounds sweet and pulls really well, just need to put a few more k on the clock before opening it up.

Just an update on what they appear to be doing now - taken from 340R group:

Going back to Scholar, they are responsible for most of the good Lotus engines ( including the Motorsport 190, with a cat ) and they work very closely with the factory. My latest engine has a Scholar cylinder block with pressed in, thicker liners and a top plate welded in to secure the liners in position. On the standard engine, the liners are
held at the top by the head.

This has now become the Lotus Evo 4 block.

Add, nice Suffolk folk, good service, competitive prices the place to go.

I have just send a Motor engine from my Sportelise to them !
They are very nice and very competetive pricewise ! Lotus Motorsport did recomend them to me

Yup, my engine is with them at the moment for the EVO 4 conversion. It is said that there has never been an HGF with this mod. I’m also going all steel internals too :-

So what horsepower/cost are you guys hoping for and what is the spec of an Evo 4 engine?

210BHP - 215 BHP

I did give them a Motorsport (Evo2) engine. They fit a Dry sump system and upgrade it to Evo 4. Together with a full recon. Price around 3000 �