Anyone got an XBox and PGR2?

I’m thinking of running a little online race series using Project Gotham Racing 2 on the XBox… Got quite a few interested from SELOC but just seeing if anyone fancies it from here?

Should be quite a giggle, set tracks so we can all have a good practise and hopefully get some dead close xbox racing!

Points will be awarded and all that so there’ll be an outright winner at the end of the championsship

It’s a great game, but we ain’t got no broadband out here in the sticks

I had a go on an early version of Forza Motorsport a couple of weeks ago. That’s going to be an interesting game

PGR2 is ace, just a shame the Exige is outclassed by everything in the same group… Pity you can’t get broadband, online it’s such a laugh!

Forza does look a bit special tho’

I’m waiting for GT4!


GT4’s going to be ace! Have you played GT4 Prologue?

Shame there’s not going to be any online play…

Have you played GT4 Prologue?

Not yet. Desperately trying to complete GT3 before GT4 arrives.


I gave up trying to finish GT3 ages ago. I got frustrated when I was trying to win one of the F1 cars. I kept doing one of the endurance races and it always randomly picked the wrong bloody prize car for me
Prologue’s a very nice introduction to GT4. It’s just a load of license tests, but the handling is very nice, and getting to drive a McLaren F1 GTR is quite a bonus