Anyone got an oil pressure gauge on an S2?

I’m curious to know what oil pressure peaple see on the redline.

The oil cooler configuration will make a difference too.

I’m a little concerned that the twin oil coolers cause a significant reduction in oil pressure which could starve the big ends at 8000+rpm.

Does anyone know the spec for the regulator valve (from the engine build manual).

Got an oil pressure gauge for mine, but haven’t fitted it yet as it turns out there isnt enough clearance for the sender at the sandwich plate. It does seem a bit unlikely to me that there is any pressure problem caused by the twin cooler circuit - if you think how many Exiges must be thrashed at track days every weekend, and I have never once heard of anyone having a major failure with this engine. It really does seem pretty bombproof.


Well, as soon as I typed that, had a look on Seloc and it seems some people have had an oil starvation issue, although it does sound quite rare: SELOC Forums


Thanks Mark, you’re probably right. I just wanted to calculate how close they were to the limit and see if anything simple could be done to help matters (ported oil pump/sandwich plate, shimmed PRV etc)

Regarding your sensor - would it be possible to remove the engine oil pressure switch from the main gallery (assuming it has one) and fit a remote connection with a tee off for your sensor?


Have a look at this thread from elise talk - put me right off the idea of using a t piece where the pressure switch is located . I think I might try one of these remote t piece thingys from LMA which should enable the sender to be securely mounted with less risk of engine vibration shaking it loose or causing it to snap off. What do you reckon?


I agree

connect a piece of braded oil-pipe to the original oil-sender hole and then to a remote t-piece securely mounted in the engine bay somewhere.

Not sure if the oil temp and pressure will be much different at the end of the pipe ?

Pressure would be Ok, temp would be wrong.

Probable a very good idea. Mates engine in a 111r just went bang on a right hand bend. 3 weeks ago filled car full with oil. Engine took 3 1/2 litres of oil to get it back to the mark. Lotus replacing engine under warrantee.
So check you oil levels

Plans do an oil pressure/ temperatue guage kit for the Exige S2. This uses an SPA digital gauge and the kit comes with everything you need to fit.

If I could post pictures i would show you one!

but, in the meantime, email us at [email protected] for more details.