Anyone got a Hondata K-Pro I can borrow for a day please??

I really need to get hold of a K-Pro to use for one day next week. Can anyone help out?

It’s for running an NA engine on an engine dyno to test out our dry sump system.


don’t TDI have a test Kpro they use when mapping K100 based cars?

Yes but they need it at they’re place unfortunately.

My car is sitting doing nothing up at BaT’s storage facility at Donny. I probably won’t use it til Feb so if you’re desparate bud you could have mine for a few weeks…

Afraid you’d have to go get it and reinstate it though so hopefully someone will have something a bit more convenient…

I’d offer mine as it’s sat on a workbench but it’s a K100 so of no use

Cheers guys. I’ve managed to borrow a k100 with a very mild map on it for an NA engine with filter and manifold. That should allow me to get the engine running, providing the immobiliser function has been removed!

Should work shouldn’t it or have imissed something stupid?

Good news Jamie :sunglasses: Good luck with the testing…

Is it an engine dyno or chassis dyno? Reason I ask is I seem to remember the car needs VSS pulse (ie road speed off the box) to allow high cam, but could be wrong.

Just an engine dyno Tim and no gearbox required. I’m properly sorted now as I’ve got another mate coming up with with his k-pro. He specialises in Honda engines and tuning which is a bonus.

yeah that’s why I was asking, make sure the map has the dependancy on the VSS signal disabled.

I’m in awe of some folks’ technical knowledge!
It’s gibberish to me