Anyone good with photoshop/paintshop ?

The distant rumblings of S2 owners has drawn closer and it looks like we really ought to change the logo to include S2 Eliges… erm, I mean, Exiges.

Bit snowed under currently, so either you can wait (even longer !) for a new logo, or if someone who’s a dabhand at graphics wants to knock up a logo (320x200 or thereabouts) that’d be ace.

(Invisible or white background please)

OK, I’ll give it a go

Do people want the same S1 Exige at the top?

David, can’t we move those ads down somewhere or along and have a bit more space? Puuuuuurrrlease?

Will this do?


Only kidding, as I dash off to Le Mans

I’m an advanced photoshopper of about 5 years commercial experience. I’ll do it if you want. Just email me the raw pictures [email protected]

I don’t have any stock photos to use as such… but here is a great source: CLICKY

This is pretty good!

[image][email protected]/exiges_logo.jpg[/image]

Perhaps just touch up the shadow at the bottom of the S2 and make the Lotus badge a fraction bigger? May even fit in the space at the top left?

Good job Chris_H! Anybody else got an effort?


[From here ]

its good, just wondering about the shadowing. Doesn t look like a consistent light source