Anyone gone from a supercharged s2 to a s3?

Exactly as it says on the title.

Have you gone from a supercharged s2 to a s3 ( any flavour! )

What are your thoughts if you did?

Get it bought before its too late!

Ha! Was just canvassing opinions.

Done insurance quotes and they are double my current
Done some estimated costs for a SL Gearbox cooler + fitting
Doing some man maths

Just reading that everyone finds them heavier. I dont want heavy. I really, really enjoy the nimble nature of the s2.

I had one for a week (350 Sport) while mine was at the dealers having clutch, flywheel and cams fitted… I instantly LOVED the power, felt tight and wonderful! But after a couple of days I started pushing a little harder, and even on road the back end felt a little cumbersome - basically you could just feel the weight. I talked myself into getting a 410, rationalising that the car was more focused and would be better - very very nearly did the deal. The thing that stopped me was simply the colour of the one they had in stock (brand new, but orange so was not the one for me and I would’ve been looking to wrap it). Got my car back and felt a little deflated to have less power, but being honest, on the way back home, the way you could wring its neck and feel it alive beneath you was so gratifying that I decided to keep the S2.

I’d still love an S3 one day - but whenever I go on a track day I just can’t imagine having more fun. I know I’d be faster in an S3… but I’m not ever going to set the world alight with my laptime, so if it’s all about fun then I don’t see what else it could offer me? For now, at least….

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Very very interesting.

I think we might be at similar places

To put it into perspective, as that possibly sounded ‘down’ on the S3 Exige, my ‘sensible’ car at the time was a modified N55 M2 - and in comparison, the S3 Exige felt agile and sharp. It’s without doubt a fantastic piece of kit. It’s just that the S2 is such a characterful and pure thing to enjoy and it just felt more alive :slight_smile:

I know exactly where you are coming from with the nimble bit.

I sold my Megane r26 because I thought I wanted power so I got a c63

It went well but a hammer rather than a scalpel.

I am concerned it’ll be dulling down the experience going from s2 to s3

Andy Ive had Elise s2, K and toyota SC, Europa, 260 Exige and Currently S3 Exige S. All great in their own way, the car I miss the most is the Europa. However the S3 Exige is by far for me the best all rounder, yes it feels slightly heavy more grown up but much easier to live with. Its faster than most things on the road, V6 sound is truly unreal and if you want sit at 40mph looking at the scenery it will do it all day long.
Build quality its much inproved and I beleive even better on newer S3 cars. The only car i would change it for would be a 410 but i dont think I would get 25/30k more fun over my Exige.
Could this car be a keeper ?
Andy try one you will love it.

@lotuslee have you tracked your v6?

Not not yet but i do intend too this year.

I have Andy. I bought my S3 new in 2015, one off sprint colour scheme etc and did 8000 miles, quite a few trackdays a couple at Spa and generally enjoyed it greatly for 3.5 years. I think there are some pictures on here somewhere.

I regret selling it now, in a way i didnt regret selling my S2. Before I bought the cup I was looking at 410s, but I just could make the man maths stand up when i compared the 410 at 70k plus to my old V6 at about 40k. I still dont think it does really.

The V6 was heavier that the S2, noticably so. Less feel through the steering and leas nimble. But an absolute sledgehammer power delivery, better built, great brakes, 3 generations on traction control - race mode on a wet track is unbelievable. If my old one ever comes up for sale, I may well sell my cup to get it back. Those are about the only circumstances that I can see myself doing that though.

Just don’t do the full circuit at Silverstone. I did it last year and loved most of it in my 240S but up against Evora and Exige 410s there’s too many long straights where the gains in the corners are lost in the straights.

I am looking to get a V6 having had several S1/S2 cars in the past, but recently (foolishly) bought a Caterham 620R which I am now trying to sell, as its just ‘not the car’ for me!

I don’t need to worry about this too much longer. The s3 I was interested in sold.

Best press on with enjoying my s2!

Snooze you lose


It was the right thing at this time I feel.