Anyone fitting Ford Duratec engines?

There seem to be a few performance tuners about for the Duratec including Mountune. Anyone know of any tuning companies doing conversions for the Elise/Exige?

Speak to Geary at EliseParts ( Elise Parts ), he’s doing the kits I think and Brian Drought has one fitted… Yet never tracked it

Try a search on you’ll probably find all you need to know there.


we did get one lap of Bedford done before being black flagged for noise :wink:

Not tracked it since, but have done 20,000 road miles with it

No Brian, you’ve never taken it on track… RemarkLima says so…

Admin5 in fight starting shocker!

lol… Mark didn’t see me sneak out for a lap thats all…

I thought everyone saw me being black flagged mind you

Admin5 in fight starting shocker!

hehe… just playing !

Whooa 275bhp from 2.3 Duratec engine installed in an Exige in this month’s EVO mag - pretty impressive




I can’t find it either Ian, but it must be referring to Guy Evans’s (Mr Nitron) car, which competes in the Mid Engined Series with Russ & Matt

Sorry guys it was in this month’s Circuit Driver mag - car was a purple colour… - I’ll get more details tonight…


Purple? You mean black old boy Yep it is Guy’s car

Purple? You mean black old boy

I’ll have one of whatever Simon’s having!


Purple shade of black then

Ian you can’t have any - its all gone

Yep its Guy’s car on DW’s rolling road c/w 198 ft lbs of torque…

stated in the Circuit Driver mag?