Anyone fitted a remote stat?

Also considering purchasing the remote water thermostat from eliseparts.Few questions…Where do you plumb it in?Is it a one hour job as the site suggests?Do you have to remove the existing thermostat?Cheers, Tim

Tim,The remote stat fits at the rear of the engine bay where the water pipe enters the sill.I would say budget a day if your going the DIY approach and not used to maintaining the car yourself, the fitting may only take an hour but you still have to drain the system, remove the undertray, pluck up courage to cut the water pipe (get this wrong and your in big trouble!), remove the bleeder valve and replace existing piping with the blue silicon house. Refill and check.Yes you need to remove the old stat.A word of warning, if you have an air-con car, the addition of the extra hosing will make the heat soak pump redundant !

Thanks again PhilThink I can manage the the air horns - but this sounds a bit beyond me - I’ll get a grown-up to do this for me when funds allow.Cheers, Tim