anyone ever seen one of these

It’s got some interesting design ideas (like putting a woman in the boot space). The front end is a bit reminiscent of the new Mitsu Evo X.

Joking aside, it looks very interesting. Some Maserati influences, some Lamborghini, some Mitsubishi.

Would be nice to know how it goes with a 300bhp+ engine.

980Kg too… I reckon that could be cut down if you ditched some unnecessary bits n bobs.

Black would suit it.

I don’t understand the 17,150 Euro price tag, what’s that for ?

as far as I understand it, thats for a rolling chassis in bits

Not bad… but then I guess… it’s in competition with an Elise rolling chassis… and you’re dealing with johnny foreigner.

Nice though.

the problem is you don’t actually know what you are getting as far as handling is concerned