anyone diy 'd from n/a to s/c?

so, has anyone actually done the n/a to mp62 s/c conversion? I thought it was pretty straight forward but the lotus instructions

seems to suggest replacing the engine mount with a different type and changing the crank breather for a different one as well? and bit more than i imagined

Not to start a huge debate, but I’ve read in a few places that the breather pipe can be deleted completely, and blocked off… BOE state they’ve not found any requirement for it. You can buy the blanking plates from BOE and r9ktuned… AFAIK?

Yep read this before, mixed opinions on whether it increases crankcase pressure or not (stories of dipsticks flying out after it has been done). I’d love to bin mine off, I find either my catch can header tank vibrates against it, or it vibrates against my bootlid if I raise it. Can’t bloody win :laughing:

Engine mount looks like it’s maybe modified to allow the new belt run to clearance. I agree, from skimming that article there is more to it than just bolting on the kit and letting rip :confused: I guess this is where the full end to end conversion kits start to make financial sense, especially if some of these conversion parts are now hard to find. :frowning:

I am pretty sure the NA breather fits.
I also considered blocking off the breather with a kit but the cost and potential side effects meant I didnt go ahead with it.

FWIW, the BOE Rev300 kit that my friend bought, comes with the breather block-off kit in the pack… They also suggest that if you’d prefer to retain the breather, you can cut the metal pipe at top and bottom, remove the centre section and replace it with a length of rubber hose :thumbup:

what does he think of the BOE300, was the buying process easy?

Still not fitted it (been too busy) but the kit looks comprehensive and very high quality. Simple to buy and delivered promptly.

Sounds good , so just import at 20% on top ?

Yeah, I believe so…

VAT ( 20% ) plus harmonised code duty ( varies , but around 3 to 4% ) and handling fee normally.

Just note that it mentioned white dial dash ECU needs to be sent to them. I know you are aftermarket ECU.

Also there doesnt appear to be any cooling either charge or air on this system.

Having said that TVS1320 …

not really up on the boe300 but doesnt it run cooler than the mp62 and is better more efficient ,for road use i would of thought it would be ok?

It’s a larger charger, yes. The mp62 from what I understand runs hotter.

It will suffice on the road. However, I would plan to cool the IAT.

now booked in…

What did you go with mate?

Hangar 111 280s kit, and they take plastic :smiley: :thumbup: Hopefully it will be all i need

Sounds great - and I’m sure that’ll buy you an awful lot of shove in the back! :thumbup:

wife says ,usually when i have the car how i want it i go and sell it and start again :laughing: