Anyone dealt with these people?

Just found this website and was wondering if anyone had dealt with these people??

Never heard of them, but they seem to have some very nice stuff in there!

Some really good photos…

What are they trying to do?

Can anybody translate??

I cannae make much senso this… but does anyone know if Lotus did any Wind-Tunnel testing??

Hoped this’d help - - but it didn’t.

Looks like they have taken Dave Andrews porting techniques and applied them for the Japanese market, lots of good pictures on the engine rebuild…

Ahhh just found reference to Dave in the text

Ahhh just found reference to Dave in the text

Speak japanese too ehh… many talents… my computer told me to download some fonts in order to display the pages correctly… so i did… but it still looks like japanese to me… still can’t make any sense… i like th epiccie of th efront splitter/clam… lovely.