Anyone called GPR lately.....

Had planned to buy a few parts Extinguisher, Isolator etc at AutoSport so made a call to see if they are going and just a message that they are not trading at the moment…


Forget GPR/Demon Tweeks etc!

Speak with Jen at & explain that you intend doing the LOT Races, hence reason for the purchase Can highly recommend the FEV extinguisher (plumbed in/electrical gas type) & the Cartek cut off

Tar Rob will do. Yep going for CarTech (Anyone know which one BTW?) but had planned to go down the Lifeline route using the same system as lotus 4L Zero 2000 and all there bits and bobs panels and external thingy-jigs. Saying that the LOT regs state 2.25L but only recommend 4L, how about GAS…anyone got any thoughts on that?


Trust me…& look at MSAR’s website

GPR closed down before Christmas I understand

Excellent…and trusted


Trust me…

Never trust a bloke who say’s ‘trust me’…

Tis true