Anybodys car?

Hmmm anybody know this one?..

Dont know it, but the last owner change was March 2002, with 2 previous owners.

Just before I got my new ali one
I went after this one (Jan/Feb 2001) from a dealer in Eastbourne
It’s an ex lotus car that was lent long term to wave fm.
Dealer did’nt have cat for it, hence sports cat now…had bad vibes about it — glad I did’nt get it otherwise I would’nt have the one I’ve got. It’s only done 3000 miles ish since beginning of 2001???

Actually think it had 18k miles at beginning of 2001
It was an Alexander watsit car (see cars for sale section / auto trader)
half remember it being really cheap at the time…�22000(ish)
Dave Brown or Pesky might remember - I cant access the posts from that far back