Anybody looking for a good Exige!

I’ve now got another car sorted so I need the space. Anybody looking for a good Exige, then you might be interested in this. It has covered 2300 miles and has lots of extras. Open to offfers…tel 07717177310.

What BHP is it ?
What colour?
Any extras ?

What sort of money you looking for ?

Sorry Keith

Just seen the details on a previous post.

Let us know when it gets to a realistic price

Keiths car is fairly unique with such a low mileage so IMHO he will get the price he wants or near to it. If you are looking for a ‘cheap’ Exige Andy maybe you should be looking at a higher mileage? But lets face it all the current owners know they are on to a good thing as the Exige is already a rare beastie and wont be selling their cars at giveaway prices.

Hi Keith,

Might be interested, although to be honest wasn’t looking to go above 25k. Do you have any pics? Also, please can you post a more detailed spec - history, colour (interior) etc. Morayshire… where is the nearest airport? Would potentially fly up from London.

Please email [email protected] if you have photos.



yep, Keith. Might be interested, so let me know full spec/history (and pics if you can) by email.


[email protected]

Andy, relastic price! how can anybody say that who drives a Boxster! Glad you’ve seen the light to sell yours and experience a real performance car!!!

Mark, don’t know if you’ll read this, but please could you call ASAP. Many thanks Keith (07717177310)