Anybody gone V6 back to S2 - Backgrading

Just wondered if anyone has done this? There was one bloke off SELOC who posted the infamous “do i not like orange thread” who traded his Chrome Orange V6 in for an Elise 220 Cup from Murrays. As far as i know its just him and me. I bought a lovely race & Premium Sport pack V6 from Redline in June this year. Loved it for a short while…then thought.

I get the extra power is nice in a straight line. The torque is great low down, you do notice it. However, then i kind of got used to the car. The interior was/is identical to the previous S240, S260, S220 i have owned and i thought, the extra cash you have to pay to get one plus the ongoing costs are quite a lot, is it worth it???

I have to say, that to some with upgradyitis, its the way to go, to me, i am happy to be back in a well sorted S260 with all the good bits in the car. There was so much i wanted to change in the V6, it would have made the whole experience too expensive.

Don’t get me wrong, i can afford either option, it wasn’t money that drove the decision. it was value and i feel a lot better in the S260.

Interested to know what you wanted to change in the V6…?

Full carpet set, aluminium rails to fix to head of carpet set, drink holder, annoyingly not there, soft top conversion, soft top, 2Bular exhaust, TRD box (or similar).

Few grands worth of stuff, i did some bits but then just bought a well fettled S260 with everything done and that suited me.

They are lovely cars, just not sure i could justify the extra £20k being sat in the car for the sameyness factor. Oh well, we pays our money etc etc

The thing i couldn’t get my head around is the metallic noise the gear shift/clutch makes. Its widely reported on this and other forums, its just irritating. All the ones i have been in do it, even brand spanking new 350’s at the dealers. Hard to ignore when paying so much.