any thoughts?

I’d appreciate advice re possibility of buying this car.

x-plate low mileage black s1 in Birmingham for sale [1000 mls from new]. 177BHP with motorsport seats/harnesses, but nothing else by way of useful spec/upgrade.

seems untouched since it covered the first 1000 mls, which can’t be good for it [e.g. recalls still to be done, not moved/serviced for around 4 years from what i can tell].

dealer looking for �27,000 which seems high, so sure there’s a deal to be done.

I’ve read of the various useful upgades on this site [thanks guys - always interesting, even for a wannabe owner] and would expect to budget about �2k for 190 upgrade and other useful things such as remote thermostat.


  1. is it worth buying at all?
  2. at what price?
  3. what issues will there be with it sitting around doing nothing for so long?
  4. anyone else got a good s1 near to Edinburgh that they want to sell for a reasonable price!?


Is this the one at Paul Matty ?

Their prices are always pretty high but they do seem to shift them eventually.

I can’t see why you would pick this one over any other currently for sale (trade or private) - as you say, car’s are built to be driven so this is bound to have problems, missed services, no recalls, no tlc, etc.

It may have had some care while in storage but, if it hasn’t, common problems I’d expect would include seized engine parts, flat spotted tyres, deposits in the fuel lines, rubber seals hardening, shocks and brakes seizing, etc.

�27k is high, esp when it doesn’t have the 190 upgrade and probably needs some serious looking after.

IMHO, �21k tops.

Agree with all of that.

I think this - click - is good value and in Scotland (if still available).


thanks guys - reality check welcomed.

I e-mailed about the orange one, but got no response, so presume it’s either sold or the owner is not so keen to sell.

there’s another nice one in Scotland that I’m looking at, but again the owner is proving difficult to tie down [maybe no-one really wants to sell deep down!].

benefits of this one are

  1. it’s actually for sale and my call is returned
  2. it’s not been spanked without proper care [it’s just had no action and no care -and maybe i could remedy that and make it better]
  3. it’s a bit of a blank canvas

    but probably too expensive [and I’d be amazed if they dropped from �27k to �21k!]

guess I’ll keep looking. good s2 with performance pack also considered.

any other hints or tips welcomed


Mr Admin has one for sale - ideal candidate for engine swap to Honda or Audi. Would still be in your budget if you’re looking at cars costing �27K


Why pay over the odds for a 1000-miler ? The high price is due to it’s low miles, which you’re going to wipe out at as soon as you drive it… You may as well buy one that’s already been driven.

Depreciation disaster waiting with that one. How can anyone expect �27k for it I’ll never know.

Agree, no more than �21k.

Don’t touch with barge pole, find another with 190 upgrade for �17-20k

Providing you can get an all inclusive warranty from them then any issues with it being stood for so long should be fixed.

However, I agree with the others - I would actually want to pay less for a low miler of this age than if it had done, say 30k, miles.

I parked up a Landrover for several years and it just fell apart. I think not using it was far harder on it than doing 10k per annum.

buy admin5 exige then you have 10k to play with if anything goes wrong

Better still. BUY THIS !!!

Audi Engined Elise… �17K and spend a few quid putting a Motorsport body on, jobs a good un

Elise though

hello, sorry, been away on business for past 4 weeks. However i definatly didnt recieve an email??? Car is still for sale if interested.

– "Elise though "

And ?? Like I said, put Motorsport (Exige) panels on, 16/17" wheels and job’s a good un.

thanks for all the help and advice.

thanks also to the two guys who sent pm. i’ve responded to both, but am having some technical problems [seem to keep losing login status] so please advise if you didn’t get the mail [and sorry]