Any quick tips on being towed?

Just about to be towed off to me mech’s, so I get the joy of sitting behing a 4x4 and being pulled about (least I’ll get to drive one way or another )… so any quick tips or is it just get yanked about by the towing eye? Don’t really want the front of the car to come off


Just pull on the towing eye, if it holds while you’re in the gravel trap, it holds in asphalt.

The obvious answer would be - Carefully!

Good Luck!


Take the handbrake off

Genius! Thanks for those, I’d be stuck with out you lot

Well it’s been towed sucessfully so got to drive it again, even did some over taking on the dual carriageways!

With all things being equal I’ll be motoring again tonight

If your motoring in the Essex area maybe I will see you ??
Where are you roughly ? What colour should I look out for ?
I am a Silver Beastie !