Any pointers?

Hello All,

New to this forum, but hope to be a regular visitor soon, which is the reason for my question.

I’m off to view an exige at the weekend and wondered if there are any quick 5 minute pointers at what to check for, to make sure the car is not a pup.
I don’t expect to hoist her up or anything, just the ‘check the rear dibdab’, or ‘make sure the dodaa isn’t worn’.

Any help greatly appreciated.




all the standard things you would look for in a normal car:
-crash damage (the aluminum tub is not repairable)
-suspension geometry ok
-maintenance history, who, how, when?
-shocks, rims true

all the usual stuff.
If it has aircon check if it works, they normally don’t and if you want to make it work you may need to replace the pipes that break.
Is it from any guy in the bb? maybe you can follow his car’s history by browsing.

Good luck,

I was told by an Exige owners there was an ECU recall last year - and to check that was done…was that for the 5500rpm stutter?

Yes, but it’s not important, as it’s a free ECU reprogramming and any Lotus delaer would do it in 5 min.
It also clears away some of the engine pinking if you use 95 unleaded only.

So went to see it this morning…

Wow, that’s all I can say. I’ve driven Elises before but this was something else. it had the 190 engine and some other bits and bobs.

Thanks for your replies, I didn’t notice anything strange around the 5500rpm except the smile on my face got bigger.

Off to do some maths and wife convincing (any pointers here would also be hugely appreciated), count the pennies and fingers crossed.

I hope you all realise how lucky you are. Speak soon



I own an EVO6 TME at the moment and after a day with BookaTrack’s Caterham Superlight I know where the fun lies! So I’m thinking about an Exige as the CaterField’s are just too impractical.

Been following a few threads and looking in the ‘Known Problems’ forum - but is there a good compilation of things in a general FAQ? I have in mind something like the comprihensive FAQ that the Mitsubishi Lancer Register did when I bought the EVO ( see here for the link to the MLR FAQ).

Which years has the Exige been produced, and what is the average market value of them? Ae they still being produced?

Also members opinions of the cars would help - I’m sure there’s plenty

Mark, were you at Anglesey on Saturday in the Caterham?

RussT - I was there on Saturday… Saw the orange and (very) fast silver Exige there…

No not me, although it will be. I plan to do a few track days.

I’m off for a second viewing on Saturday. I will get a RAC report done on the car.

Does anybody have any experience with the RAC checking specialist cars? Is it worth the money?

Also do you guys have owners days? You know day trip to the sea side for the hell of it, fish ‘n’ chips on the quayside before a blat back?

About 12 years ago, I had a Porsche 944 inspected by the RAC before I bought it. The guy thought it was great, said he’d buy it for himself if he could. A couple of months later the differential shattered. I got that fixed, and a Porsche dealer told me it needed new brake discs. I PXed this lovely car for my first Esprit, and the unfortunate Lotus dealer who took the 944 suffered a blown core plug while demoing it to a potential buyer.

Clearly the RAC can spot obvious problems, but it’s no guarantee you’re not buying a dog.

Having said all of that, good luck

Sorry, I meant to direct that to Dave. I was there Dave, we spoke briefly - I was in the fastish silver Exige - you should have asked me for a spin!

Just agreeing with what Brendan says really. “Tests” on RAC/Green Flag checks and the like have usually shown them finding the majority of faults.

I’m not sure how they’d get on with the more “specialist” cars like the Exige, I always assumed they’d be a bit lost. Wouldn’t a Lotus specialist be a better bet?

So will a Lotus specialist travel to see a car for me?

Also, how about tose fish ‘n’ chips when she arrives?

Hat Mark,

Good to meet you earlier today, and welcome to the Exige clan, you will not look back.!!

Hopefully the spin earlier today, brought you closer to “I’m just going to go out and get me one of these”

Exiges rock.