Any one free for Oulton Park - Bank Holiday Tuesday

Just wondered if anyone was planning to do the Easy Track day at Oulton Park on Tuesday 4th June.Obviously there will be a minutes silence for HRH giving us an extra days holiday!!

Please can you provide details?Should have car by then and its in my area!

PaulMay well pop down & see how you’re getting on. Off to Le Mans on the 12th June, so have not booked on any tracks after the 28th May Bookatrack day at Oulton - see you there anyway [image][/image]

quote:Originally posted by MF:Should have car by then and its in my area!MFWhereabouts are you from then? There are 7 of us in the Manchester/Preston area, & we meet the first Wednesday of the month at the Wrights Arms in Belmont near Bolton. Why not pop along on Weds 5th June [image][/image]

Macclesfield - South of Stockport.Brother in law has Elise S2, he talked me into the Exige.(Like I needed much persuasion!)Might try and drag myself up there.

MF, The NORLOG Group (NW Lotus Owners) are meeting on Monday 3rd June and going to the Cheshire Classic Car Show at Tatton Park, if you are interested. A few might be keen on watching the trackday on the Tuesday as well.Alternatively, subscribe to our e-group to find future local events. SOOTY