Any Northampton....

Exige owners on here?

i’m guessing that’s a no then

Give 'em time, somebody must be from around there…

BTW, welcome to the board. New Exige owner?
Or you’re looking to buy an Exige?
Tell us about yourself.


I’m sure someone on here is from Rushden so just down the road…

And I’ve got a good mate in Rushden so go there to see him quite often (plus he’s right near Bedford Autodrome and Rockingham )

Hi Vicki, I live in Rushden so just down the road from yourself. Do you own an Exige or are you thinking of getting one? I have only owned mine since last September and as of yet have not seen another one on the road, started thinking maybe I was the only owner of one in the county!! look forward to hearing what you own etc.
All teh best.

Nope sorry I’m not an Exige owner, or looking to buy one… I’ve got a VX220 Turbo. There’s one in the car park where I live, and as I’m planning on doing lots of tracks days next years I thought it might be worth finding out who he/she is.

Hi Vicki,
Where abouts do you live as I would like to find out who else local to me owns one. It is certainly not mine as I work in Olney and only use it for work when the sun shines.
Had a long hard think about a Turbo VX before getting the Exige but as I was an elise owner I decided the obvious step up was the Exige. Never been in a Turbo VX but from all the reports ive seen it sounds like a superb car that can be used as more of an everyday car than the exige, and before anyone on here starts telling me they use their car everyday you have to admit that town driving in an exige is not pleasant ( lumpy running etc.) Anyway Vicki let me know if you find out who owns the mystery Exige.

Hey Steve, it is pleasant for me!

Maybe I’ll leave a little note on his car about this website. It’s always good to find local people with similar interests.

You’re not the Vicki that knows John Davidson are you?

Hi Uldis,

I must admit that the looks you get whilst driving around the town makes up for the left leg working overtime, but in these winter moths of darkness I dont find it much fun stuck in traffic at 5.30 trying to get home, or maybe i’m just getting old!!

You’re not the Vicki that knows John Davidson are you?

That’s me


How ya doing? I’m Mark with the Silver Exige when we went out in Northampton after that Redline day at Bedford… With my phat (read lardy!) mate Phil… Who f**ked my suspension

IIRC you got very pished LOL!

Ahhhhh Mr holey shoes?

PMSL! Yea, that’s me But don’t worry I’ve still got them but also got a nice pair of Oakey type racing shoes in Thailand (along with a few other things!) so the holey shoes will only appear for special occassions

And that’s me on SELOC too

Special occassions… what like bin day…

Special occassions… what like bin day…


Like a few special trackdays where I’ll be kicking your ass The rest of time I’ll wear my new shoes and still be kicking your ass

Now where’s that WHATEVER smiley when you need it…

Ok then, who’s doing the 14th of Feb at Bedford then?

C’mon Steve you know you want to! Anyone else?

Hi Vicki,
I am based in Milton Keynes and own a chrome Orange Exige. [color:“blue”] [/color]