Any LM '23 attendees?

Anyone going to LM this year?

Ill be leaving Wednesday evening ā€¦

Have fun. In the Exige?

Oops, just seen ARB post,so obvs not

I wish I was, Tickets sold out fast. Should be a good race. Hopefully Rexy does well.

The warmup with the class with the classics will be great!

Knee is more the deciding factor on driving @thommo

Really looking forward to seeing the 787B.

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Iā€™m going to Le Mans classic at the end of June in the Exige

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Top man! I did LM regular last year in my exige.

Classic is on my list to do . I might do Spa classic next year mind ā€¦

Spa is an amazing circuit and if you can afford it, the place to watch is on top of the pit buildings