Any legal experts there......

who can guide me as to how to amend your will to exclude an errant offspring?


Given the difference between the fees of lawyers and “two blokes I know down the pub”, wouldn’t it be easier to “dispose” of the offspring ? No questions asked sniff know what I mean

upgrades to the exige

buy a new car or cars

start a new family

all these things should take care of any financial legacy…

Depends what the offspring had done…

No legal expert here but luckily you can exclude offspring in this country in fact you could leave everything to your budgie dog cat etc ! Had you been French there is no way !!

Just make sure that both parties agree if you have seperate wills.

However i would still recommend consulting an expert.

Had you been French there is no way !!

Sacrebleu, & oh merde!!!

Perhaps you have had a similar dilemma recently?

No i just listenen to my wife ,she knows lots of things …

Depends what the offspring had done…

Oh, I think you know, son

Courting the affections of an S2 ?!

Steady on Rob (H), in Russ’s derfence he did say it was a “girlie Hairdresser’s” motor - maybe you should still leave him your car BUT specify in the will that it must be converted back to 177 and have the cat refitted, that’ll teach the young upstart

he didnae take the bloody roof off did he…