Any Emira owners here?

I know some of you fine folk are hardcore lotus owners.

Anyone own a Emira and care to share their views?

I do - have only done 500 miles so far… but its ace… see my other thread for more… and I do need to update it !

Found it!

I will update soon, but I am loving it so far - loads of character, brilliant B road car (not too wide - but it is wider than exile for sure !) - Are you tempted then ?

I’ll be honest no!

I noted a fair few people are super loyal to the brand so curious about how many went s2—>s3—>emira

In 2021, I had just got out of an Evora 400 and had a really really early deposit down with Silverstone on the Emira. Then I saw it in the showroom. Also saw the V6 exiges lined up outside. Decided that I didn’t want the Emira after all and I did want another Exige, so pulled the Emira deposit immediately!

Bought the cup 260 after not being able to get there on the man maths on a 410.

So I am keeping the s2…

I wanted something that did 90% of what the Exige does in a more useable format, if I do track days, it will be the Exige, but road trips - the Emira… I couldn’t get past the looks of the Evora. I did drive an Exige 410 and loved it… but it wasn’t different enough to the s2, I think I preferred the s2 looks and feel. Yes, the Emira is grown up, but its still a Lotus…


Got mine last week (1 day short of 26 months from deposit), but not done many miles yet, but all great so far.


Looks fantastic too!


What a picture that is!