Any advice for 1st time Exige buyer?

Hi Guys,Thanks to the fantastic new emissions regulations/company car tax policy that is about to come into effect I am having to part company with my much loved Nissan Skyline. The rules are this, my new car has to be no more than 2000cc and preferably under 30K when new.Can an Exige be used as an everyday car? My Skyline has the hardest suspension set up known to man so a hard ride isn’t a problem.What should I look for when viewing the Exige? Are there any optional extras to look out for? Are earlier models any better than newer cars or vice versa?Sorry for all the questions but I thought it best to ask the people who REALLY know the cars instead of hearing the clouded judgment of a showroom salesman.Look forward to hearing from you.RegardsBen

Which Skyline do you own ? R32/33/34 V-spec ?I find my Exige suspension to be harder than the R34sAs a daily driver, I’d much rather use my Skyline… Unless it’s crippling you tax wise (ie. if you can afford a Skyline you should be able to afford the tax !)However, people do use it as their daily driver… though I’m not sure how they do their weekly shop…There are no real options to look for… if it has a 190 upgrade, then thats a good thing.Views are split over whether you should have airconditioning (std. on later models), personally I don’t think the extra weight + power drain is worth it (and they never seem to work)Build quality is equally varied throughout the production run.[This message has been edited by Admin5 (edited 18 January 2002).]

Just a quick comment - the CO2 rating for the Exige is 225, so its still a fairly high taxable b-i-k. which of course is on an increasing scale over the next 3 tax years.

Its an R33 GTR V Spec, anyone want to buy it?The car is actually owned by my company - result eh?! So yes the tax on it is/will cripple me. I had thought of going for an Evo VI/VII but I believe their emissions levels are even higher (around 242).I test drove the new Mini Cooper yesterday (with the thought of waiting for a cooper S) - awesome build quality, poor, poor performance. I was expecting it to have the nippyness of a Pug Gti. Imagine my delight when I realised the Exige is an 1800!Not being funny but how are the for driving up and down multi-story car parks?! My Skyline is an absolute nightmare for grounding the front valance!

quote:Originally posted by Skylinepilot:Not being funny but how are the for driving up and down multi-story car parks?! My Skyline is an absolute nightmare for grounding the front valance!Very carefully!

At least the Skyline has a detachable front splitter (at least the R34 does)

Yeah, I’m on my second one!

Tried to use mine everyday for the journey to work 11 miles and parked in the streetalthough the local quickfit tyre depot let me park in their car park,so a little better But! I have had to buy an old runaround to get me to work as I was becoming increasingly concerned at using the Exige every day for several reasons tyre cost mileage increasing rapidlyI love the car but not for work in the winter [image][/image]