Anti Spyware

Anyone else having their browsing hijacked by Anti Spyware advertising? It closes down and brings up an add page with no option to go back.

Yeah, it’s happened to me a couple of times. I simply closed the pop-up and restarted and it now seems OK. Norton hasn’t reported any attacks depite a full scan today…

Also happened to me today. Trying to sell me system doctor or whatever. Bit defender blocked it

Has happened to me three times over the past week…not good!

Could be coming from the google adverts in the top right ?

It’s pissing me off too

yes this site has be hijacked.

get it fixed please.

Happened to me, too. Despite hitting cancel it started running. I managed to shut it off without a problem – I’ve also had one telling me that I had 950 porn site visits. Not True – only about half a dozen and most of those were in-house (the Daily Sport)!

Mine has just done it again.

and mine…

It keeps doing it to me too

Not happened to me

Well not yet

Happened to me 3 times yesterday. Not sure about the bit where they say it could affect your future employment prospects, credit rating and your marriage !

Norton seems to have cleared it out.


Phew, that’s what it was, has had me worried.

Any ill effects for anyone?


It’s happened to me twice this morning

What a PITA

Please fix it asap - if you use tabbed browsing it really messes you up

It’s happened on both home and work PCs today

never happend to me but I use opera

Just happened to me again. Can it be sorted from the host end?
I don’t run Norton anymore, kept blocking innocent traffic. I Use AVG

Just happened again… it’s certainly coming from the ads in the top right corner…

Can someone PLEASE sort this out ?

Very weird, it’s not happened to me so it’s hard to stop something I can’t see.

I’ve removed the ads temporarily and shall investigate.

Let me know if it still happens, and if so on what pages do you see it ?

I’ve heard of reports of people using photo hosting sites like Fotki which cause it… so if anyone has had the problem, was it when viewing a gallery or pics on this forum ?