Anti roll bar

Had the front wheels off today to replace the track rod end boots, and happen to notice that the anti roll bar is ajustable, adjustment looks dead simple, so the question is has anyone tried any different settings, and what differance did it make.Dave

I’ve got mine on the softest setting (rearmost holes).This should reduce understeer a bit. The difference is pretty subtle.I think the steering feels a little less sharp, but I do belive I’m getting less understeer.A lot of people seem to like setting these things as stiff as possible. I guess if would feel a bit more responsive, and the car will roll slightly less. Many drivers will prefer this, but the car would theoretically be slower round a circuit due to increased understeer.My advice is if you’re tempted, go ahead and try it. The difference is certainly subtle enough not to wreck the handling and cause any unpleasant surprises. I guess it’s entirely subjective, and down to individual taste.

Cheers Brendan I’ll have a play.Dave

I have mine between middle and softest - makes a subtle but noticeable difference on track, particularly longer corners on track. Haven’t had the car on the road much to notice a difference. NB I am on much stiffer suspension all round.Cheers

Dave, where did you get the boots (only and do you have a part number?. I had to buy new ends (�20) because the dealer said the boots were not available separately.

Went to Hethel today, absolutely great day, that makes up for the crap dealer network.Conclusion:For trackdays drop the tire presure 2-3 psi from the 23front 26rear road setup (increased tempreture on track will make the hot running temprature closer to optimum)Now here is the contentious bit … Stiffen the AR Bar to prevent the suspension angles from going to pot under hard cornering, this is oposite to most advice that suggests going softer will decrease understeer.From earlier posts, increased negative camber with a softer bar does apear to work, but I reckon that weight transfer induced camber change is the real enemy for the Exige. With a stiffer AR bar setting then you will need less negative camber.The real answer of course is to drop the ride hieght from 130mm to 50mm, stiffen the springs, and hey presto 2secs/lap…

That’s interesting. I’m certainly no expert, and I haven’t really experimented much. But I do tend to believe Lotus, they do have something of a reputation when it comes to handling!I guess whatever gives the driver more confidence is going to make as much difference as the small change in ultimate grip.Interestingly, I’ve just read a book on the development of the Elise, and they said they didn’t want to fit an ARB, but they needed it to give the car a bit of understeer. The front end was too grippy without it!

RobSorry for the long delay in posting a reply, working away for the last month. The boots are available from The Auto Shop, 01202 744244.Cost �2.50 eachYou will need to specify two fitting diameters, which are basically the size of the small and large holes in the boots, which are about 11mm and 25mm, they seem a close match, the only thing they dont come with is the rubber/plastic retaing ring that fits around the top and bottom of the boot. I reused the top ring of the old boot but the bottom rings a bit to small for the new boot. However when its all fastened back up its not going to move. Hope this may be of some help.Dave