Another silly idea ?????

Does anyone know if it would be possible to transplant a mitsubishi FQ330 engine into an exige ??? looks nice and compact !!! [image][/image]

Well, actually Evo,if an Audi TT engine has been successfully transplanted, I would say this is s possibility as well.

And I would prefer this to the Audi…

But you’ll have to put up with the extra weight.

The guy i sold then brought back my Exige to has fitted a 350bhp Impreza engine into a Lotus 340R so the Evo engine should fit as i imagine they must be similar sizes.

so the Evo engine should fit as i imagine they must be similar sizes.


Err not necessarily! The Scooby is a flat 4 boxer engine for starters


If the Evo engine dont fit go for the scooby engine then (they sound better anyway).

…fitted a 350bhp Impreza engine into a Lotus 340R…

I’m not sure if I approve of that. It doesn’t sit comfortably, just sounds ‘wrong’.


I actually think it would sound nice…

But I fear it’d be too wide for the subframe. Would need a bespoke one.

Hi there
If you want an engine I have one in stock out of an evo 8 with 7000 miles still in the car.Drop me a line if your interested or see pesky he’s just had a honda of me

Anyone have a note of the weights of the Subaru and EVO engines? Also, how straightforward would it be, assuming no chassis mods were required, to fit the engine and get the car running, i.e. what else would one have to do/buy?

It sounds like it could prove to be an utter nightmare, but maybe not; it sounds like you could end up with another Esthi, which is to say a car with a decent bit of grunt but with extra weight, but maybe not.

I cant imagine the subaru engine being very easy to fit without a lot of chopping around, i would like to see how they fitted the gearbox!!! are there any pictures available???

the guy who fitted the scooby engine is loaded. I haven’t seen it as he said it was in some Lotus garage being done. He was also having a custon shell built for it. Ill try and get in touch with him for a picture. He never told me a cost but he did say they were altering the chassis so its going to be an expensive job. Id say any engine will fit if you’ve got the money and want to custom the car. Just look at the Elise GT1.

So the engine gearbox and running gear has been changed and the shell!!!
Seems like a waste of a 340r to me why not just start with an elise chassis ??? he really must have more money than sense


if anyone can do this i’m pretty sure you da man…

what would you do about gearbox ?

Ive spoke to that guy today. He has told me the car is in Norfolk, the engine and gearbox are in. He has made the chassis longer and wider, dont ask how because i dont no. He is abroad at the minute and says they are designing the shell as we speak (i asume a company on his behalf). It should be finished in about 6 months. It seems like a right custom job as there’s not much letf of the standard car. He wont send me a picture at the minute as he intends to have one built in 6 months then wants to sell some of them as another sports car so wont let me in on anymore more info about it. Id expect them to be building them in about a year for public sale. I asked about the evo engine and he just said the scooby engine sits lower down so is better for the job. He never said it woundn’t fit but never said how much work would be involved making it fit.

i guess the scoobie engine, being a flat-4, will have a lower C of G than a trad in-line 4??, but the width and other things like intercoolers and turbochargers and getting air into the airbox and stuff will cause all manner of headaches ?

also wonder what they do with the gearbox and driveshafts etc…

i dont no that much about the car because he wont tell me much but i assume the intercooler would be fitted in the front like mine is.