Another Scottish Newbie

Hi Guys, Have chopped in my elise for a black s2 exige. Had it for three weeks.
Its awesome!

Hi there.

I can see you’re in SE as well, what’s your name? (just don’t recognize edp right now)

Nice to know there are a few more S2 in the Burgh
If I ever get my car back and its dry should go for a little run
Had the oil change yet?

My names Ed Paine, was on track at the last SIDC at KH.
Span her twice- first time was on the warm up lap!! Uldis - you had some awesome tail out action going on! Im gonna need a few lessons!
Had the oil changed after 6 days, 2nd cam is simply awesome.
Jamie - hope you get your motor back soon, bad luck with that! Would love to go for a run!
Cheers Ed

Welcome Ed!
I only got a brief chance to chat to you last Sat.


welcome to & to S_E as well

Cheers guys, hope to meet up with some of you guys soon.