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Just for interest

Ex Chris Harris / Autocar Exige

Interesting! Looks pretty original (bar the addition of timing gear), presumably it’s just been stored for the last 15+ years looking at the history :astonished:

Couple of weekends work to recommission (as they say on Banger & Cash) - could be a good buy for someone, or maybe Chris Harris will buy it back :smiley:

I’ve noticed Chris Harris is posting about it on Instagram I have impression he is going to do a CC video on the exige as he does with some of the auction cars. He asked if best look Lotus ever… hard to argue

Oh dear - will be watching this. :slight_smile:

Well have started the bidding. Who doesn’t need two Exige’s in their life…

It’s metioned on the advert that it makes around 210 bhp with the new engine; wonder what was done to it?

Hmm, yeah it says

That sounds ‘optimistic’. I mean it’s possible, but at the very least it would need timing properly (verniers) and a higher rev limit (ECU change) to get over 200bhp wouldn’t it? I’d be surprised if they did that at the factory, although if Lotus knew it was a press car maybe it got some special attention, and they’d figured out how to build VHPDs properly by then :smiley:

Not a fan of Harris, but he clearly knows a decent car when he sees one. Makes me appreciate mine just a bit more (if that is possible)

check the MOT history.

500 miles covered 16 years

It was in storage. Detail is in the listing. No doubt it will need money spent to recommission it.

37.5k plus fee….maybe a little disappointing.
But if it needed a bit of monies spending on it…

£40k with the fees and as you say a mechanical refresh after 20 years of hibernation and looked like it needs paint etc tidying so probably “fair” taking a strong condition car is circa £50k now. 4 new tyres, £1500 of paint (on a good day) £1500 service and its at £45k cash in. I thought it might of got more interest but not miles off.

I was with Chris at the ring when the alternator
Failed… I have photos of my and his exige in the
Car park… watched him race in the Elise sport
Series at the GP circuit

Isn’t it 37.5 plus vat plus the fee?

No it’s 5% + vat so 6%.