Another S1 in Canada

A quick hello from just north of Toronto. I have owned 2 Europas and 2 Esprits in the past but always wanted an Exige. What better way to start than with an S1 :clap: Ron.

That is pretty stunning buddy. What a car!


What is it about orange S1’s that they’re always so shiny?
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Everyone needs a CO S1 in their lives [mention]MrBean[/mention] :wink:

I wish I could afford one :frowning:

Top colour, top car!

Agreed :smiley: :thumbup:

And welcome to Exiges. Com

Here is the S1 with its other “garage mates”. I don’t often have all the cars out at once, too much work, so it was nice to get some group pics. I also have a Marcos Mantula that I am restoring.

Welcome to the club! Are you licensed for the road yet?

Definitely, car was from Vancouver so all ready registered in Canada. Where are you located?

Good stuff. Mt registration last year was easy. I am in the West end of GTA, Halton Region.

Will you be at the British Car Show at Bronte this year?

I am in the West end of the GTA - Halton Region.

Sorry, not too familiar with this format hence duplicate reply above.

I have no plans to go to Bronte. If I did I’m not sure which car to take. My Exige has only been out once since I got it.

Do you know the gent in the GTA that bought his yellow Exige S1 earlier this year from an owner in the US? He bought it via Bring A Trailer.

No I don’t know him. He told me his user name for the forums but he doesn’t post it seems. Would be cool to have all 3 S1’s at the show next month! How come you don’t use yours more?

Hey guys, yes I’m the third S1 Exige owner in the GTA :slight_smile:

We definitely should find time to meet up at some point.

Mine is finally on the road after a bunch of maintenance that i wanted to perform.

I am only the 2nd caretaker of the Exige I bought and it is 99% original and spends 99.9% of its life in storage. I never planned to drive it much except to exercise it. I hope to build a suitable multi-car facility my my place so I can admire it more often.

There are some nice roads out my way in Halton Region I am on the Niagara Escarpment.

Hi there brightsidemike, bout time you showed up! Lol :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: What maintenance did you perform?

As for buying a car and not driving it? I’ve never understood that - Life is short and cars were made to be driven. I have 4 hobby cars - as pictured before, and all get driven almost every week. One of them even carry my golf clubs to the course a couple times a week. Sorry I don’t mean to sound harsh but why not drive your cars? As long as you don’t abuse them (too often) they love it! Ron.

Just wondering what insurance company you guys use for your 2000 Exiges in Ontario? I am with Hagerty but I would like to use a company that I can only have comprehensive coverage in the winter. Problem is most companies I have talked to won’t insure it because the vin is not listed in their database.