another question please...

if you have read my other post you will know i am taking my front clam off next week, whilst its off i am thinking about getting it repainted and the front splitter,side pods,rear spoiler, colour coded the question is… has anyone got a picture of an exige s in graphite grey that i can look at? at the moment i cant make my mind up whether to colour code or not any pics or comments on this matter will be very much appreciated

this is how my car looks now …


If you follow the link below they have an Exige S in Graphite for sale:,12980387&vidindex=1

I wouldn’t bother repainting unless its a bit hammered. Repainting lotus bodywork is par for the course.

If I were you I’d buy some bargain basement carbon splitter, access panels, scoops and wing. Save a few kilos in the process rather than adding…

Could that be that you know where he may be able to get some from?


I have an Exige S in graphite, initially I wasnted sure if i would like the all-the-same colour type thing, having moved from a normal Exige with all the bits in black. I have to say that I much prefer it now.

It would appear that Santa approves

I think that graphite is the colour that best suits the colour coding. I’m not sure it works with all colours but it definitely works for graphite.

Personally, I prefer it with the black bits. Makes it a tad more aggressive looking.

(and fits the black rims better too)

thanks for the picture exigeboy …yep its all go!!! i have a bodyshop incorporated in my van sales business, so i have booked it in today for the spray mods! and thankyou everyone for your comments…just hope i can fix the heater while the clam is off

well its done! i don’t think the change is too drastic, but i think it was worth the effort …



Looks great

Who did the paint job
Im going to need my front clam and sills done soon!

cheers everyone the paintwork was done at my business premises, i sell used commercial vehicles so this was a 1st for a car to be in the bodyshop!