Another option for ecu programming - info needed

Forgive the barrage of posts, but am trying to get up to speed quickly and see if I can give something back.

Does anyone know if the stock ecu is a Denso ecu and if possible, does anyone have a pic of it.

If so, and it is as I think, there’s a good chance there could be a lot more mapping options for the stock ecu for a network of programmers already located all over the country. If it can go as I am hoping, the company who deal with it, already is class leading when it comes to stock ecu mapping, and already make very powerful tools used for mapping, GTRs, Evo, #subarus etc. It could be a very helpful addition to the market.

EFi ecu’s on Lotus’s. Unfortuanatly, they are an OE spec EFi ecu, so even the EFi motorsport guys cant communicate or modify the maps.

That’s just an IP issue (that’s my domain), it doesn’t stop those with hacking abilities extracting what they need and working out what the maps mean.

Unfortunately, being an efi it means it would take a good deal longer. Thanks for the info!

Charlie X in the States has done most of the work on decoding the ECU and you can benefit from his work through Essex Motorsport. My understanding is that he leases out his software to allow them to live map the ECU.

It is an EFI as John said but Lotus helpfully encrypted it as well, it is ver similar to the EFI that runs in the Lambos but with the added complexity of the encryption, this is why nobody else has cracked it properly (bloody Lotus) :frowning:

I always smile when some one says it’s a pice of cake to crack the ECU and then re-wright the software… Have fun… First step is to get a car.

Thanks Frank,

I’ve got a car, I also know a very decent company who only do ecu cracking and reprogramming, all day long.

They managed to crack the GTR ecu within 45 minutes, the time consuming part is then working out what all the maps are for.

He has a car now Frank :wink: but he hasn’t come across the world of Lotus and the pain of the ECU :frowning:

To be honest, can see where Frank and Adam are both coming from!!!

If its been written to lock you out, its not impossible to find the ‘unlock’. Remember GM over here saying the instrument panels on Vectra’s were safe against clocking, as mileage stored in several control units, didn’t stop them for long, once need outweighed the aggro to find where they all were.

Equally, seen a couple of people say that the Lotus ECU is easy, and then go really quiet.

But if its been done once and all that…

I’d be thinking along the line of using essex auto, unless you have plans above what the stocker can do then I’d be knocking on Matt’s door at EP/Track-Group

I was keen to keep with the stock ecu because of the idle speed control and cold start maps as well as emissions control and so on, but having felt the quality of the idle on the car, am not so convinced it’s a great piece of kit.

On the GTR the stock ecu was more than up to handling 750+bhp whilst still being very nicely usable, it was scalable for all manner of injector changes and could seemlessly switch between maf and speed density tuning. Live mapping not so easy but the cars were so consistent it wasn’t really a problem.

Now, I am more inclined to follow the aftermarket ecu route, only because the money I’d have to throw essex’s way would be similar to what I could buy a fantastic ecu for - it’s the project JSRacing are working on that I am most interested in, as it’s significantly more powerful than the other options I’ve seen.

More good news today :wink:

Stop teasing !!! :angry:

Tell me more? Should I replan my replacement engine? Drop me a PM or give me a call please :wink:

Software/hardware powerfull, rather then hp powerfull. Dont want to fall into the trap of saying yes we can do something until we know we can. Should no more in a couple or three weeks.

And its not reflash/remap of standard ecu Frank :wink:

Hmmm. Need to forget about seeing Wayne in mid Dec.

My stock ECU is completely tunable on the fly and has been so for the last 5yrs. while everyone was always sayin just wait another week or two…

To this date only Charlie has been able to do the deed… But since he’s not a car guy any longer it’s a free range…Still full of chickens runnin around without their heads on …

If you really want to screw around with your car get an AEM like I did and spend a few grand on dyno time and street tuning… There is no one on the planet that can street tune on their own… It takes two to tango and one with a wallet large enough to pay the piper…


If everyone took your view no one would ever bother to improve on a solution that works.

I know which ecu option John is talking about and I also know it is a much more powerful option than any other option in the elise/exige marketplace.

Perhaps I shouldn’t bother waiting for the people who are much cleverer than us to make sure it’s perfect, just because it’s not an easy road.

If everyone took my view you’d all be 600 whp with gearboxes that work along with ECU’s that drive a 680whp car better than stock…

Dude I did the ECU thing 5 yrs. ago with Charlie, where do you think Essex got it from and why the hell is it taking everyone else 5 yrs. to play catch up… It shouldn’t take this long to come in second…

And seriously who improves on a solution that works ?..So far I haven’t seen a better solution or a 2ZZ making more power in a Lotus…

Cleverer people never get out of the basement…

I can tell from your replies that it’s not even worth entering into a dialogue with you so I’m not going to bother any more than to say, if you open your mind to give someone ,whose background you don’t know, the chance to try, there’s a chance you might learn something that helps you. My guess is you won’t be able to hear anyone over the sound of your own trumpet.