Another one! Wobbing noise this time...

Hi, only me again

OK, the mis fire and 5.5k limit is defo caused by dodgy leads so getting a set of magnecor KV85’s and plugs so

But just been driving about and it’s generally been running lovely but I now have a new noise, I’m sure it was there but Sinclaires didn’t see anything but now it’s a lot more promenant…

It sounds like a wheel bearing but it isn’t, it sounds more central but a definate “wobbing” noise, related to wheel speed. It doesn’t go away when the clutch is down and almost feels like it’s pulling the car back with each “wob” when just maintaing a constant velocity.

Also seems to get worse on left handers but kinda comes from more the near side… I’m thinking something on the output side of the 'box??? Maybe?

Any ideas?


Possibly a warped disc ??

Drive shaft?

RussT is the expert on these!!!

Try the CV joint Mark, it is a fairly common problem. Not a huge job, as the joint is off the MGF etc. Sort it before you go any further tho, or you will end up at the side of the road with smoke pouring out of the arch, like wot I did,

Ouch! Looks like it then, I had the CV boot replaced (it had split) and repacked with grease but obviously the joint got knackered before this was done

Ho hum, got me Magnecor’s on the way tho’ so that should cure the misfire, get the CV joint replaced and then I’ll be rocking!!! Raa!

It’s gonna be the nearside thinking about it so I don’t suppose you have the Rover part number for it per chance?

Didn’t Uldis have a drive shaft replaced incorrectly causing a similar issue?

My driveshaft went and I really didn’t want to drive the very far or fast at all. Trust me, a ‘wobble’ is an understatement!


Ah, well that’s good news (in a perverted kinda way!), the wobbling isn’t very bad, only slightly at a constant velocity, easy to miss really.

It’s just the noise is a “wobbing”, but my mech is gonna have a listen tonight so will hopefully know for sure what it is and get it done for some X-Mas motoring (looking forward to my usual christmas day blat )

Yep, if you read the thread (here and in Seloc) you’ll see the whole development.
The car went for a service. Thy found the inside righthand CV boot with a pinhole.
Car booked following week to change. Meanwhil I don’t drive the car.
They change it.
I don’t drive the car for the next two weeks.
I take it then to a trackday at KH. On the first laps I can feel the problem.
Tried to diagnose the vibration to no avail.
Posted in S_E, here and in Seloc and Simon (S) immediately pointed to the tripod joint.
Spot on.

It seems that the dealer changed it improperly, damaging it.
Or it could have been damaged before changing it, unlikely because I didn’t feel any vibration before.

The whole driveshaft needed to be replaced.
Because of the doubt, they didn’t charge labour (it would have been astronomical because it went in three times since they said they couldn’t find any problem. I was charged only for the shaft, which was dear enough (about �390).
I am still fighting this charge, have taken the piece to an independent party for an opinion.

Does yours happen under acceleration and over a certain speed too?

Hi Udlis,

I did read all those threads and touches wood it doesn’t seem quite like that, the “wobbing” noise is there from standstill onwards, it doesn’t make and difference at WOT or not, it does get louder (and faster) the faster I go but that’s expected… Under heavy accelleration it doesn’t notice, the engine drowns out any noise and it accellerates smoothly. It’s just at cruise that I can feel it slightly.

That’s why I hoping for a CV joint


did you ever get to the bottom of the wobbing noise you had. Mine seems to have developed something similar during the last couple of weeks and i cant figure out where its coming from.



It was a wheel bearing after all, �25 later and all sorted… Just becasue Sinc’s said it was fine I drove on it and ended up cracking the hub

BTW the hub is off and MGF

However the centre of the wheel wasn’t getting noticabley hotter than the otherside and you couldn’t hear any grinding with the car in the air…

But was 100% a wheel bearing… Hope that’s all yours is

Was also thinking wheel bearing but i didnt notice any heat build up on any of the hubs either. Which bearing went on yours?

It was the drivers side rear wheel (OSR)… But I guess it was accellerated from being at Rockingham and all those left handers

The only reason I didn’t think it was a wheel bearing is that I was told the bearings were fine

Prolly is a wheel bearing (let’s hope eh?)

Yea im hoping its just the bearing. Took the car out last night and coasted along with the engine off and out of gear and the noise was still there. It also seems to be worse on right hand turns and almost disappear on left hand turns.

Guess ill have to get the AA involved and see if my parts and labour warranty will cover it. Id change it out myself but i aint got a press.

How did you come to the conclusion it was a bearing if you wernt getting the usual symptoms? Did you just change out all four??

It sounds like a bearing!

No only changed that one, ended up going to my local mech (proper Nick the Greek, classic! But he’s a top guy!) with a bearing (I’d need one at some point anyway)…

Plus it was geting pretty bad and there was some play in the wheel but only when up… IIRC there was no play horizontally but a little vertically IYSWIM.

We took the hub off to really check the bearing and it was so fooked that it cracked the wheel hub… See

But I’d say get it changed ASAP just in case, those hubs are about �80


As suspected front NS bearing had gone.

Checked it for play or noise with the car jacked up a week or so ago and didnt find anything. Noise had been getting worse during the last week so jacked it up again at the weekend and checked all the bearings. The front NS was making a god awful noise but there was still no play Guess this may be down to the type of bearing??

Anyway bearing getting changed out today so on the road again soon to enjoy my new emerald and vernier setup which by the way has made a fantastic difference to the way the car drives


Excellent! Must be something to do with the type of bearing… Maybe also why they don’t last very long on the grand scheme of things (I’ve 20k miles!!!)

Glad you got it sorted before anything else was damaged!

So have you got the verniers retimed to the 190bhp cam timing? Bloody fantastic isn’t it

I had the Lotus 190 setup before but it was running awful. Timed the verniers to the correct 130/110 thou LATD. Much more torque low down and across the mid range now and so a hell of a lot more pleasent to drive around town.

And my kangarooing has gone too - woohoo!!!