Another new owner.....

Hi Everyone,

A VERY happy Exige owner here. Took delivery about a week or so ago and have been smiling ever since It’s an S2 touring pack in saffron yellow, you can see pics HERE. Camera phone I’m afraid, but check back for some nicer normal camera shots soon.

The car has been bought primarily for a European trip which begins on the 26th of this month. We’ll be heading across Framce to Switzerland, taking in many of the Swiss passes, heading into Italy for the Stelvio and others. Then we head across into France and take in the Col de Torini, before meeting up with my uncle in his 911 C4S in the Pyrenees

We’re keeping a website on our progess, and updating it with pics as we go along. AlpineQuest . Complete route details are also up.

Cheers guys, hope to get to know you all a little better!




what a stunning way to introduce yourself to the joys of exige motoring

enjoy… but do us a favour and get a proper camera for your pictures…

Cheers RoxTeddy

I will get some proper pics done ASAP, but i have a feeling you all know what a yellow S2 exige looks like anyway!!

What I will also try to do is some videos, both in-car and around the car itself…a la top gear Will definitely be filming the trip and updating the site with video clips from the various passes

Cheers, Anthony

Welcome Anthony!

That’s a trip and a half! But no Milli Migla?



Hi IDG, I would love to do the Mille Miglia, but as the name suggests, its a thousand miles!! Unfortunately I dont think we can factor that into the trip as we have some deadlines to meet.

Maybe we’ll save it for next summer in the Aston I’ve started putting videos up on the site, found footage such as Stig’s lap in the Exige, Climb Dance and some friends laps of the 'ring etc. If anyone has any Exige footage they would like to have hosted let me know!



errrr just watched the Lord Ari vid and I think I have sh*t mi’ sen!

i think I could just muster enough courage to walk up there with a small dog!!!

I’ve heard about you and small dogs mate!! LOL.

I love that Ari vid, been one of my faves for years. The best bit for me is when he takes one hand off the wheel to block the sun light while at full hammer!!!

The guy is one of my heros!!!

Welcome to the site matey!!!


thank goodness I destroyed the photos woof woof etc…

I sent the link to my mate who claims Walter Rahl in the Audi quattro Short Sport has the record.

If it is a simple matter of how cool is steering with one hand whilst pegged to the max with an umpteen thousand foot drop on one side… nuff said!

Site appears to be down

Yep my Hosting Co. has been hacked, so they are sorting it out. Hopefully I will be up and running again in a few hours with more downloads and some updates on my custom S2 sat nav mount…total cost; 38p!

Just spent 2 days driving through the Cotswolds. The drive up was fantastic, aside from a 10 mile stretch covered in stone chippings. 5mph and everyone was flying by at 30-40 despite the 10mph limit. Aside from that the roads were fantastic, clear, no cameras, and perfect for the Exige. Only other downside was the AC packed in on the way up, popped it into Nick Whale (some stunning S1 exiges in there…) and it turnes out the AC temp sensor was freezing over causing all sorts of confusion.

Hope you’re all enjoying the weather!

A problem which will certainly be confined to S2’s. I don’t see the S1 sensor suffereing from being even a bit chilly!

‘AC temp sensor was freezing over causing all sorts of confusion’

Site is back up, some updates, more pics and a couple more videos.


Have done some driving videos but I cant get any video editing program to open the files my casio exilim stills camera is making