Another Exige for sale

OK - its done approx 8500 miles, and has been raced for two seasons. Engine has been looked after and has been 100% reliable, other parts have been replaced / upgraded as and when.

Brakes: Standard calipers, brand new RS14s on front, RS14s on rear, Geary’s ally belled disks on the front, standard Exige at rear, braided hoses.

Gearbox: Quaife straight cut ultra close ratio with quaife LSD, AP racing clutch, motorsport driveshafts,

Engine: DVA ported and flowed head, uprated injectors, standard Exige TBs and carbon airbox, EBD mega bore manifold and silencer with flexi cat pipe, Emerald ECU, steel crank, uprated head gasket.

Bodywork: Quick release rear clam modification, polycarb windows (no winder mechs), Motorsport engine cover, non standard quck release fasteners

Suspension: RD 3 way dampers on Eibach springs (current spring rates 550lb front, 625lb rear)

Other: Lightweight battery, reworked gear linkage, no heater (or aircon), Corbeau racing seat with willans 6 point racing harness (and corbeau pax seat with 6 point racing harnesses), Safety Devices roll cage with diagonal bar. Reversing and fog lamps have been taken off, and the high level brake light rewired to be the high visibility rain light. Plumbed in fire ex.

All the bits taken out for lightening are available and negotiable, including glass, original seat runners and standard Exige engine cover.

It’s a Lotus Roadsports Series ‘road modified class winning car’ so I reckon there is a bit of a premium for that

It won’t take much to stick it back on the road - I have a catalytic converter for it, the glass will really have to go back in to make it as close to watertight as a Lotus gets, maybe wants softer springs, and maybe a standard gearbox going in as the UCR whines a bit (although you don’t notice it over the engine when its under load), and the reverse light needs to go back on.

Email [email protected] or phone 07734 225046 for price, but I am open to offers…

what r u going to get after the Exige?

Don’t worry - I have a cunning plan…

Don’t worry - I have a cunning plan…

Barrie’s car, perhaps?

Anyway, best of luck with your new venture - hope to see you next season

PS You haven’t got a spare footstool to match my armchair, have you?

no heater (or aircon)

Sounds very nice though