Another Elise owner converts

Having started off with a Standard Elise back in 2000, moved up to a S160 in early 2002, I’ve finally made the move and bought an Exige.

Picked it up at the weekend and have only driven a few miles, but will be making up for that soon.

Picked the best colour (Chrome Orange ) has the 190 upgrade and is getting all the nice bits I had on the Elise fitted over the last and next few nights, and got a front splitter on order already (in fact that was ordered before I got the car).

I’m going to try and pop up to Oulton Park, it’s first trackday will be on the 20th at Brands.


Yeah, Mark - welcome

The run, to & from Oulton, will hopefully see off the P6000s for you

Welome Mark,

which splitter did you get?

PS - check the oil level

It’s one of our new front splitters. Mark has already had one of our diffusers on his Elise 160.

Martin & Steve

And the Diffuser is now on the Exige.

It was the only reason to buy an Exige, the Diffuser seemed wasted on an Elise

Of course! it makes sense

PS - check the oil level


Picked the best colour (Chrome Orange )

Welcome Mark to ownership… I think you meant 2nd best colour ehh…

Hello mate

Wondered how long it would before you turned up in here !!

Won’t be at Brands on 20th as going to Twickers but hope to catch up in the new year.


Booked on the Day at Bedford on the 31st Jan, just need to make it a bit quieter before hand.

Good choice of car. Just hope the wind doesn’t change otherwise you will end up looking like this - - forever!