Another car show

Out again in the Exige (Tues night) for a classic car show at Farmyard Ales, near Lancaster. Regular show at a farm where where they brew ale (hence the name). And my Exige S1 was not alone . . .

Lee, who recently posted here on his S1 rebuild, was there. Great to meet him for the first time and hear in person the history of his car. I hope he won’t mind but I’ll post a pic or two


A few more interesting cars . . .

Some impressive looking metal there thommo
Thanks for taking the time to post !

Very nice to see a fine mix of cars like that. Seems like classics of various eras have a new found level of interest and respect and enthusiasm than ever. Great to see :thumbup:

Farmyard Ales are a great bunch…they’re one of my company’s clients as well :+1:

FYA produce some fantastic brews. And it’s a great spot for a beer. I can highly recommend it.

Indeed they do! One of many great craft breweries we have the pleasure of knowing as clients :beers:

The important part :smiley: