Another alternative exhaust?

Don’t know if they can do one for the Exige, but it looks a well made product [color:“red”]Larini [/color]

Looks like an elise or exige zorst on their introduction page?.. looks very shiny… I wonder how well put together it is?

The prices seem a bit on the steep side, looking at their automated quote system…

They do list a ‘supersport’ for the Elise series 1, plus a manifold and flexipipe and a cat replacement…

Ive just fitted the elise parts sports exhaust along with a silenced crp. Im pretty pleased with the sound and it has definately given me a touch more top end over the standard exhaust. I was hopeing to keep onto the cat for when my MOT comes up but on removal I found that the entire inside had been blown away and all that was left was an empty box!

Was that caused by the pops & bangs ?

It’s difficult to know what caused it, I imagine it is just the amount of back pressure. A couple of months ago the engine went really flat like something was restricting it, then it suddenly cleared up, got louder and started going quicker than ever before. At the time I assumed it was the baffles in the exhaust which was getting really rattly but I now know it was the CAT getting spat out.