annoying squeak - might be coolant pipe

really annoying squeak/creaking (constant) as I drive along. Sounds suspiciously like its coming from inside the side beam on the passenger side i.e. the coolant pipe inside. I heard about this happening on Elise S1’s - is it something anyone has experienced on an Exige S2?

I imagine it will be a mega bitch to fix… hello warranty claim!

well this was fixed by B&C by (i quote) “fiddling with bits in the general area and tightening things up”

for future reference!

My 07 Exige S has the same problem but it only happens when the air con is on, I am also unable to get out of the car once I am in it, both door handles fail to open from the inside meaning the window has to lower so I can open the door from the outside. Most annoying!

I also have the same problem with my 07 Exige S that only happens when the air con is on. However the noise on mine seems to come from the either the right hand sill area or just behind the drive?